„Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

Mother Teresa


We support two organizations which shelter the children who have been in a difficult life situation. Read more about them.



Give A Future is a sponsorship program concentrated on fundraising for young people from Rwanda and Madagascar. Join us!



We are a young organization and therefore have plenty work to do. Do you have time, skills and will to help? Get involved!


To provide decent conditions of living to the inhabitants of the Republics of Rwanda and Madagascar, suffering from poverty. Creation a prospect of development for socially excluded people due to family circumstances or disability. Desire to remind people in a difficult material situation about their dignity and wake up a hope in their hearts. To raise awareness about the difficulties that societies of both republics face every day.

In the Republics of Rwanda and Madagascar all children and adults are full and have access to a potable water. They have a possibility of education and therefore impact on their future.

Our Goals
The Orange Road Foundation aims to support societies of Rwanda and Madagascar that suffer poverty. The help includes:

⇒ Support of the social development and education,

⇒ Improving access to education,

⇒ Prevention of a social exclusion,

⇒ Health care and social assistance,

⇒ Professional and social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities,

⇒ Humanitarian relief,

⇒ Promotion an idea of volunteering.

On a top of that, the foundation promotes information about both countries Rwanda and Madagascar.

Us about yourself
The foundation has been funded by Iza Godyń and Gosia Kupnicka. Except the friendship that brings us together we also share a passion to Africa and a sense of accomplishment while helping others.

Gosia male

Gosia Kupnicka

Gosia about Iza

Everything has started from the voluntary job of Iza. About 10 years ago she went to Rwanda for a first time with an intention of helping children that suffer poverty. She fell in love. Since then she has kept repeating “my heart is in Rwanda”. She travels there almost every year, bringing amazing stories upon return. Preparations for a trip usually start at least half a year in front. Private collection of funds for a fly ticket, clothes for the local society, toys for the children and huge suitcase packed up to the limit are the signs, Iza is going. Oh, and a smile. The overwhelming joy which emanates from her is the best evidence that Iza is going to Africa again!

Iza male

Iza Godyń

Iza about Gosia

As already mentioned, except a long friendship, we share a passion to Africa. We have known each other for over 20 years. For the entire time, I have always admired the righteousness of her character. Her heart has been always opened for people suffering disease, poverty and other tragedies. Since I remember, I see her ready to help. She was a volunteer in Mam Marzenie Foundation when she supported terminally ill children. Currently, her heart is in Madagascar trying to give a hope to those who lost it.

Our Address

The Orange Road Foundation

Ul. Wyczółkowskiego 62/7

58-500 Jelenia Góra


Identification Numbers

KRS: 0000635873

NIP: 6112768838

REGON: 365352029

Our Bank Accounts

Bank Zachodni WBK, Branch no 1 in Wrocławiu

Account in PLN: PL44 1090 2398 0000 0001 3341 7537

Account in EUR: PL48 1090 2398 0000 0001 3341 7562

BIC number for the international transfers: WBK PPLPP