„Every great thing is made up of many small things. Do not think about what awaits you at the end of the road, just concentrate on small, specific steps that bet now”

Beata Pawlikowska

Stories (in Polish) about Madagascar at the Public Library in Wroclaw

Feel invited!



Results of The Orange Road Foundation Logo Design Contest

We are pleased to announce the Winner of The Orange Road Foundation Design Logo Contest.

The Winner is Marlena Ciołkiewicz. Our new Logo is beautiful! Thank you:)

We would also like to express our gratefulness to all who got involved in the Contest. Thank you!

The Orange Road Foundation Logo Design Contest extended to 23/10/2016

In Madagascar and Rwanda the center of life is bustling along the roads. Quite often, people have to walk many kilometers to get to the market or to get a water. The road is also a center of social life, meeting place. On the other hand it is noticeable that it is a dirt and bumpy road and therefore illustrate a life of most of the inhabitants of Madagascar and Rwanda. On a top of that is orange, as orange are the clothes washed up in a river of the same color.
The name of our foundation represents a beauty of life in Madagascar and Rwanda.
We would like to kindly encourage you to take this challenge and try to express our vision in a Logo of The Orange Road Foundation.


⇒ Malagasy raffia basket

2 tickets to the concert of Foliba (28-10-2016 in Wroclaw)

⇒  Name of the winner/name (logo) of the winning entity will be permanently published in a place of honoron our website.

Logo Tymczasowe

The Orange Road Foundation Logo Design Contest

We would like to encourage you to take a part in The Orange Road Foundation Logo Design Contest. Temporarily we use the logo replacement, however we hope, it will change soon.

If you like to draw or know any graphic computer program, if you are creative and liked to be challenged, join the contest!

Time frames: from October 3rd to October 16th, 2016

The logo should include the road and a smiling African child (children).

Read The Official Rules and find out more:)

Feel welcomed!!!

Logo Tymczasowe

Rwanda is Beautiful. Country through the eyes of its inhabitant

The Orange Road Foundation would like to invite to the meeting with Pastor Dominique, Founder of the school for deaf-mute children in Rwanda.

Pastor promised to tell a bit about his country. About about tourist attractions, the people and why it is worth to go to Rwanda.

Such meetings don't take a place often. You have to join:)

When: September 23rd, 2016, at 6PM

Where: Public Library, Szewska Street 78, Wrocław

Free entry



The African Evening

The Orange Road Foundation would like to invite you to the meeting with Pastor Dominique, a founder of the school for children with disabilities in Gatunda, in Rwanda

Pastor Dominique will talk about his school and about life of the deaf-mute children who stay there for entire school year.


When: September, 17th, 2016


Coffee Shop Aroma Cafe, plac Ratuszowy 30, Jelenia Góra

Free entry

Feel Welcomed


Notarial Act of The Orange Road Foundation already exists!

We are very excited as on May 23rd, 2016, in a notary office in Jeleniej Górze, we have signed  the Notarial Act of The Orange Road Foundation.

This is the first, important step without which the foundation couldn't exist. The further steps are yet to come, therefore we have to begin working.

Please, keep fingers crossed!