„Children are the hope that flourishes anew, a project that is constantly realized, the future, which always remains open.”

John Paul II

Give A Future

Give A Future is a sponsorship program concentrated on fundraising for young people who – due to many circumstances – are in a difficult situation in life.

Tragedy in families, rejection or disability often enough push people outside a margin. People leave in poverty, hungry and thirsty. The lack of education and profession, takes away hope for a better future. As a result, they got stuck in the hopelessness and show to their descendants only this way of leaving.

Give A Future is an initiative that aims to stop this tragic order of events. We believe, that the world is full of people of a good will, who desire to change somebody’s life through a partial or full coverage of such costs as alimentation, accommodation, clothes and education for a young person from Madagascar or Rwanda.

Who is the help for?

I. The house for girls with difficult past: Akany Avoko Faravohitra in Antananarivo, in Madagascar

Currently it hosts 37 children including girls up to 18 years old and their children. Abandonment by a family, escape from a sexual abuse, prostitution or theft are the tragedies permanently inscribed in the biographies of these girls. Some of them can’t read or write. None of them has a learned profession thanks to which would be independent in a future. In addition, this place takes care of one, 3 years old, disabled child who requires physiotherapy.

II. The school for handicap children run by the Association Friends For Handicap in Rwanda located in Gatunda.

At the moment the school takes care of 100 children, mainly mute and deaf. It is a frequent situation that a child is brought to the school by an uncle or aunt as a disability in some parts of Rwanda is a reason to shame. In result, many don’t pay the yearly fee. Going forward, children at school are malnourished, live in a very humble conditions and the education is not adjusted to their disability. Children stay there for an entire school year. Adoption is personal. That means every sponsor or group of sponsors is (are) assigned to a particular child.

Who can help?

Every adult person can join the Give A Future program.

Don’t feel like joining the program by yourself? It is not a problem. The sponsor can be also a group of people, e.g. a company, association, a class, a school or any other, informal group of people who desire to help.

How much does it cost?

The monthly costs of leaving for a girl in Madagascar is 185zł (42eur).

The amounts include such costs as alimentation, accommodation, clothes and education for a person

The monthly costs of leaving for a child in Rwanda is 105zł (24eur).

The amounts include only the basic costs related to alimentation, accommodation, clothes and education for a person

How to become a sponsor?

Join The Give a Future program. Send us an e-mail. We will contact you back. Our e-mail address is:

What in exchange?

Participation in The Give A Future program is voluntary and disinterested. Support in covering the costs of the child’s living does not give a possibility to claim any rights to that person.The Orange Road Foundation is committed to send information about the child to the sponsor at least once a year.There is also a possibility to get an epistolary contact with a child in English or French. Every letter will be delivered to the child via The Orange Road Foundation.The financial support builds up a unique, emotional relation between a sponsor and a child. Children in Africa are always happy despite of the difficulties they struggle with. Their thankfulness is expressed through the wonderful smile.

Our Address

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